Saturday, March 04, 2006

"He Told Roxanne to Put on Her Red Light"

In my apparent old age, I've come to the conclusion that any band that can reference a song written before the members of said band were born is okay in my book; five years ago, I might have pegged such a thing as perhaps being a little trite. Maybe I just love the simplicity of the lyric above by the Arctic Monkeys, which is a nod to a certain 1978 song from The Police.

But I disgress...I have fallen absolutely in love with the Monkey's debut CD, "Whatever People Say I Am Thats What I Am Not". When I first heard the tracks online a few months ago, I was cool to the band. Now, in owning the album, I can't get enough of the damn thing. It's very hook-y and addictive...but it takes a couple spins.

Extra bonus: If you haven't heard the band yet, check them out performing three tracks from the album on the BBC's "Later! with Jools Holland":

Talk about having a band having poise beyond their years, as the members of the band are -- wait for it -- only around 20 years old. Definitely recommended.

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