Friday, March 03, 2006

Ann Coulter Gets It Wrong. Again.

I can't stand the extremely shrill Ann Coulter, who has never met an untruth she didn't like.

Here's another one.

From her column
Wednesday (syndicated on Yahoo! News): "The box office numbers for this year's favorite, "Brokeback Mountain," are more jealously guarded than the nuclear codes in the president's black box. Hollywood liberals want the government to release everything we know about al-Zarqawi, but refuse to release the number of people who have seen "Brokeback Mountain.""

Bzzz, wrong! Focus Features, a specialty arm of Universal Pictures (and part of the publicly traded company
General Electric) releases box office information each and every day for their pictures currently in wide release. As of yesterday, Thursday (March 2nd), "Brokeback Mountain" has grossed $76,391,758.

Using my amazing powers of math, we will divide this into the average ticket price (currently $6.40, according to
Box Office Mojo). According to my trusty calculator, the film has been viewed by almost 11.2 million people.

It seems Coulter can't find her way to one of the major film sites or perform basic math skills. And this is just one of the milder untruths or conspiracies she has uttered.

Why does Yahoo! News see fit to syndiacte this rancid columnist, considering her track record of distrortions and untruths?


Goggalor said...

What about the cut that the Theatres get? Each theatre may get a different amount of profit, so those numbers are reliable. The point about the article is not that she can't figure it out, it's that the production companies aren't releasing that information.

Chris said...

(Yay! A conservative visits my blog!)

Huh? Nowhere does she ask about profitability-- only about how many people who have seen the film and the box office gross, you can see that for yourself on both the 'graph I posted above and the article linked.

So...I'm guessing she can't figure it or, or she's willfully ignorant...

Brandon said...

What a fucking retard. I hate that bitch.

typingelbow said...

I saw it twice, so make that 11, 199,999 viewers. :)