Sunday, February 12, 2006

What Newspapers Are Not Good For

While most of my friends spent this "Blizzard of 2006" in New York City, I was in Connecticut. Shoveling snow. For what seemed like forever.

And I learned yet another reason why people hated newspapers: Using the snowblower, my mom sucked up the Sunday edition of the Connecticut Post, causing it to stop working. After cursing the paper, I shoveled some more.

Until I came up with the bright idea of pouring hot water would dissolve the paper, which had entirely clogged up the blades. And it worked. (I should have been an engineer.)

Thank God we had already found the New York Times-- can you imagine the damage that could have done?


typingelbow said...

Sorry you were stranded by Metro North, my dear. Welcome back!

kevinabarry said...

Looks like that Lehigh education (or whatever it is they gave you there) paid off. ;-)