Friday, February 17, 2006

Andrew Krucoff, Fashion Model (Or Not)

When Gawker Jobs was first introduced on January 19th, I was pretty sure I knew who the fellow holding the "Help Wanted" sign was (reproduced at right). In a wonderful in-joke that only a few got, the picture is of Andrew Krucoff, he who was fired this past fall from Conde Nast and who has filled in for the editors every once in a while.

Known fondly as the Gawker mascot, I congratulate Krucoff on his new gig as a model. No wonder he hasn't posted lately on his Young Manhattanite blog, he's most likely been busy with Fashion Week.

But how does he look in a Wonder Woman outfit?

Krucoff lied, that rat bastard. Sigh...and God know he's too short to be any type of model.

So who is the picture of?


Betty said...

Are you sure you want to find out?

F.Spiderman said...

That ain't him.

Chris said...

Sigh...stupid Krucoff. And here I was being all complimentary.

His legend grows.

Chris said...

PS-- thanks, Sac.

Anonymous said...

Sac is wrong. It's him. I took the photo.