Thursday, February 02, 2006

CNN Tries Humor, “Daily Show”-Style

I would have thought I was watching the "Daily Show" yesterday morning, not CNN, had I not known better. Whenever they introduce a "DS" correspondent, titters normally come from the audience -- and viewers -- at whatever his/her title of the day is, such as the memorable "senior pedophile expert."

CNN took it to a whole 'nother level yesterday, when Miles O’Brien introduced senior political correspondent Candy Crowley, senior Pentagon correspondent Jamie McIntyre and senior political analyst Bill Schneider for a segment on Tuesday's State of the Union address.

Let's observe. From the transcript:
Miles O’Brien: I've got to talk to my agent. I need to become a senior anchor, I think. What do you think? Jeez, you guys...

Candi Crowley: It helps a lot.

Jamie McIntyre: Senior just means old.

Candi Crowley: Yes, that's -- this is what you do when you get on in years and there's nothing more they can give you. They say senior.

Miles O’Brien: Senior.

Jamie McIntyre: I want to become chief next.

Miles O’Brien: Ooh, chief. We could do that, too.

Jamie McIntyre: Chief correspondent...

Miles O’Brien: Or super senior, how about that?

Jamie McIntyre: Yes.
Miles O’Brien: Thank you, seniors, one and all. Our most seasoned reporters' roundtable ever.

Jamie McIntyre: Hey, Miles?

Miles O’Brien: Yes?

Jamie McIntyre: I think you should call me Pentagon bureau chief, because, you know, I'm in charge over here until Barbara Starr gets back.

Miles O’Brien: Yes. And then we know who runs the show, right?

Jamie McIntyre: Yes.

Miles O’Brien: Thank you very much to our trio. Appreciate your insights this morning.

Heh. The transcript for this exchange can be found

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