Friday, September 08, 2006

"The Wire" Is Almost Here

I don't think I'll be going out on Sunday nights again for a while.

"The Wire" officially begins its fourth season Sunday, and every review I've seen has been absolutely glowing, with a large number calling it the best show on television. From the New York Times, to Variety, to Entertainment Weekly, to USA Today, to the New York Post...nice. I am even more enthusiastic about the new season than I was in July.

Knowing that critical reviews can help bring about another season of the drama, J. Max Robbins of Broadcasting & Cable puts it best: "The Wire, perhaps the only police drama that truly deserves to be called “gritty,” begins its fourth season on HBO...Let me be the first to begin the campaign for a fifth. A nuanced portrait of urban Baltimore, with its internecine battles among cops, politicos and drug dealers, The Wire demands a far greater level of commitment and attention from its audience than your standard escapist police procedural."

ABC, I will not forgive you one bit if your silliness with the "Path to 9/11" neocon fan-fic chokes off all the talk about the wonderfulness of this series. Seriously.
For links to even more glowing reviews, check out Jim King's site for "The Wire" here.

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