Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's Not Beer Goggles, I'm Just Near-Sighted

While I was in North Carolina -- see post below, and I should probably add that my time there was for a bachelor party -- I did one of the dumbest things I've done in a long while.

No, nothing naughty. No pictures floating around that I'm embarassed about (I think). I wasn't arrested or anything like that. Simply, I lost my glasses. In and of itself, not the worst thing that could have happened-- but I'm still kicking myself in how it came to pass, the stupidity of it all.

The five of us there decided to rent a boat for the last afternoon were there, and brought a cooler full of beer. We made our way to a popular little area, anchoring off a small little island. (By the way, we found out that beer cans float. Pow!) So, there I was on the boat and my old roommate -- who now lives in Dallas with his new wife -- called for another beer. Per custom, I launched a beer in his general direction, ending up five feet to the right. He filled up the empty beercan with water, for weight, and rocketed it back, albeit a dozen feet to the the right of the boat. Not thinking, I dove in after it. As I was doing so, I realized I still had my glasses on. Damnit. I thrashed around to see if I could find them, but no luck. Such a dumb move.

Flash forward to a little while later, when a gal from a boat neighboring ours if I thought she was cute. I said thought she was, but I was having a problem seeing objects more than a dozen feet away. Suave.

So, I spent the rest of my time there, and the flight back, squinting heavily. Stupid beer thrown to the right.

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