Sunday, April 09, 2006

Every Time I Watch a Baseball Game on YES Network...

…I feel like I've lost a good number of IQ points.

As I wrote back in January, I no longer am a fan of the New York Yankees, but still find myself watching the Yankees' full-coverage channel only because of my fantasy baseball team. Two pitchers on my roster, Rich Harden and Ervin Santana, have both pitched against the team in the opening days of the season; consequently, I can't stop wincing with the comments made by the insufferable announcer Michael Kay.

Consider this gem from tonight, when the Yakees were losing, with Randy Johnson pitching in the bottom of the seventh inning: "[The Angel's] haven't had much success [with Johnson], only succeeding in getting 3 runs!" Of course, that the Yankees only had one run at that point in time was seemingly inconsequential. And that when the final out came -- the Yankees lost, so I guess the Angels' were ultimately successful with their 3 runs -- Kay announced that their current 1-4 record matched their start during 1998, when they won a World Series. And these were only a smattering of the inane utterances that came out of his mouth tonight.

Talk about someone having a sunny outlook on life, where everything is a positive. So it goes when you realize that the Yankees also run this channel, that this is the sports version of propoganda. This is like watching Fox News Channel, absolutely infuriating.

And I'm really happy none of my pitchers on my roster are facing the Yankees again anytime soon.

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