Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ode to the Black Table

One of my dreams this year was putting something together worthy enough for The Black Table. Sadly, it looks like I have to scratch this one off my list.

As they themselves
report, "it's with a heavy heart that we thank you all for your support and announce that in three weeks, on Friday January 27, we will no longer be updating the site."

Over the three years they've been in existence, they've publishing nearly 1,000 stories from 200 different authors. According to
FishbowlNY, they've served as an incubator for such rising talent as "[Entertainment Weekly]'s Whitney Pastorek, Salon's Lynn Harris, authors James Frey, Jonathan Ames and Tom Perotta, ESPN's Dan Shanoff, Lindsayism's Lindsay Robertson, Paper/The Corsair's Ron Mwangaguhunga, Glamour's Melissa Walker, Gawker's Jessica Coen, plus MB's own Claire Zulkey, Jamie Frevele, Greg Lindsay, Rachel Kramer Bussel, and, yes, your hardy fishblogger Rachel Sklar. (P.S. That's not an exhaustive list.)"

Fare thee well, Black Table-- you will be missed muchly.

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