Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Don't Tell the Mermaids Where I'm Goin'"

Over the past few days, I've found myself fascinated with Beck's new CD, "Guerolito," essentially a remix of his earlier-in-2005 album, "Guero." I've been listening to it at home, on the subway, at work-- it's that damn good. It's also very quirky.

Each song from "Guero" appears here in a very different form, with Air and Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys two of the most notable contributors. There is one extra, added song that hasn't appeared on any other album that appears here as well, called "Clap Hands." This is the one song I can't get out of my head (you can listen to a portion of it

Between this and the Gorillaz album, I just hope I don't turn into
this guy.


Sarah said...

The link won't play. But I could swear I've heard a Beck song by that name before... am I crazy? About this, I mean?

Chris said...

Apparently -- just learning this now -- "Clap Hands" was a bonus track on the 'deluxe version' of "Guero". Did not know.

You're not crazy [on this particular subject]. ;)