Thursday, December 29, 2005

Speaking in Tongues

For those in the communications field, one of the pleasures of the day for some is to read the White House press briefings, held regularly by press secretary Scott McClellan. Called the "Press Gaggle", McClellan -- like a boxer -- ducks and weaves to journalists' pointed questions. A master of the administration line and able to talk/obfuscate in circles to the nth degree, they're highly entertaining.

So here's a recommendation, if I may be so bold, on how to heighten the entertainment. A poster by the name of "karateexplosions" at Daily Kos regularly deconstructs the press briefings with pointed commentary and what the press secretary really meant to say. Here's the
latest, from yesterday's briefing.

A sample:

Journalist: "Will the President be making any comments in San Antonio, or just privately visiting with the troops?"

Deputy Press Secretary Trent Duffy, who's filling in today: "We'll let you know."

karateexplosions' take, on what Duffy meant to say:
"He'll be making lots of comments. Things like:
"You lost your arm for freedom!" (See note)
"I bet that hurt when that happened."
"Being here among the troops reminds me of when I was a brave military pilot, defending the dangerous skies of Texas when I wasn't too busy running down to Tijuana to snort blow off the tits of a hooker!"

NOTE: Freedom not available in all areas. Not applicable to freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, freedom to have speedy trial, freedom to have jury, freedom to have legal representation, freedom from cruel and unusual punishment, and others as determined by management. Freedom subject to change at any time."


You can read his take on the latest briefings

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