Thursday, December 22, 2005

FAILE Explained; I Turn Out to Be Very Vain

Remember this post from September asking who was graffiti-ing my name on the Lower East Side?

Well, the mystery is solved. And I'm so vain, because I thought the [graffiti] was about me. It's not.

The Wooster Collective describes the three-person 'graffiti art' team known as Faile and how they came to pick this as their "nom de plume": "Faile was about this growth process. About taking your fears and your challenges, your grief and misfortune, and creating something from that. Taking your failures and proceeding forward, becoming stronger from what you have learned. So we looked at the title Alife and by taking what we had, we created something new. Something that was born out of A-life and became our own. ALIFE > FAILE. The name has a meaning that is dear to us, something that is born out of a place and time for us, and something that has a philosophical undercurrent that flows through the work we do. This is how Faile came to be."


(Thanks to Jake Dobkin for explaining this one to me. One mystery of the world resolved.)

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typingelbow said...

Don't worry, Chris! Someone will surely stalk you someday! :)