Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Beauty and the Beast (From Right to Left)

On the left: Myself, tired from just getting in from Florida and working off of 4 hours sleep in the past 72. Also, by this point, I'd been having a few glasses of Bushmills. I look like an English soccer hooligan.

On the right: Jen Dziura, commedienne and webmistress of, looking as beautiful as always. And she has a wonderful brain and potty mouth to match. Mreow.

This was taken last night at her birthday party and, quite honestly, would have been a far better picture had I not been in it...sigh.


typingelbow said...

You are totally rocking your graphic tee and track jacket, Chris! Are you interviewing to replace Kate Moss's ex??

Anonymous said...

I look like an English soccer hooligan.