Saturday, October 22, 2005

Bushmills...Good to the Last Drop

The Friday before last, I was at Orchid Bar with some friends celebrating one friend's visit from Los Angeles, as well as my-then-approaching birthday.

As I am wont to do, I was drinking my usual drink, a Bushmills on the rocks. It's a wonderful Irish whiskey. As the distributor's official site notes, it's "dried in a peat-fired oven rather than directly over a peat fire. Scotch whisky malt is dried over a peat fire and has a distinctive smokey characteristic. The absence of smoke in the production of Bushmills whiskey yields a cleaner, honeyed drink in comparison."

Just copying and pasting that makes my mouth water for a glass.

Had a great time (thanks Bob, Trevor and Kara!), but what would a night be without the odd occurance: The waiter kept trying to steal my glass of whiskey, like an alcoholic version of the Hamburglar. Sure, you say I should have been drinking faster, but I tend to savor it. Argh. A tip to waiters everywhere-- if the glass still has a drop or two of alcohol, ask if you can take it before you spirit it away. That waiter was extremely evil in my book. Evil.

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Anonymous said...

I would've liked to buy you a second round of Bushmill's, but you still refuse to tell me the actual date of your birthday. I should be happy with saving the $8, I guess.