Friday, September 30, 2005

Notes from the Quasi-Mosh Pit: The White Stripes & The Shins Concert

This past Sunday, went to see the White Stripes and the Shins play at Coney Island's Keyspan Park. Talk about a damn good show, both acts were electric.

Eight disjointed thoughts from the concert:
1) I feel old. It seems the NYU gals and the hipsters are getting younger every year.

2) Some band called M. Ward started off-- the only worthwhile thing worth mentioning about is that I confused the band name with that of Mike Watt, he of fIREHOSE and the Minutemen. Oh, silly me.

3) Coors Light goes through me really fast. Not so good when you're ten feet from the stage, in the center. Love the looks of annoyance as I wormed through the crowd more than once. The solution for the next show, in order to show my age I guess, is adult diapers. Sigh. (e.b. approves!)

4) This is the first time I've seen the Shins in concert, had bought their most recent album, "Oh, Inverted World" when it originally came out, but discarded their album after a couple of listens (sorry, "Garden State" fans). After listening to their really tight set and re-hearing the songs in a live setting, though, have re-discovered their CD. Damn, they're good. There isn't too much of a difference between them live and on CD, but "Know Your Onion!," "Caring is Creepy" and "New Slang" are all gems.

5) Suggestion to all: Find the rowdy Brits in any audience (suggested Brit type is like those found in "Eurotrip") and hang out with them. Always a good time.

6) I don't care ift Meg White is not talented, she is cute. Jack White, why did you divorce her?

7) The White Stripes are on a whole other level when they play live. Mike White's showmanship and stagecraft antics are exquisite.

8) "Forever For Her (Is Over For Me)" is the best song the White Stripes have ever written-- it's a revelation live.

Related thought from when I stumbled home: The fish in the fishtank are always staring at me. Staring. At. Me.

By the by, NPR presently is hosting the full sets from the bands' September 27 show in Maryland. For all those who missed out, check the bands' live sets


eb said...

way to sacrifice your dignity for a good concert, chris!! but everybody knows that adult diapers make your butt look too big!

Chris said...

I am going to defer on this one to you, you diaper fetishist. ;)

jg said...

UMMM- I believe his "name" is JACK White- NOT Mike White

Chris said...

Ack, many thanks. Need to stop watching "Orange County."

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