Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Genius of Thrillist

For those not in the know, Thrillist is a new NYC-centric e-mail on happenings, a Daily Candy for men. And it's probably brought me the most laughs so far of any e-mails I've read, plus they were the first to break the news on the hip-for-a-second speakeasy La Esquina.

So, I laughed a little more this morning, as the second Thrillist pop quiz is in. A flavor of the questions this week:

At job interviews, it's essential you:
A. maintain eye contact, answer questions earnestly, and send a follow up thank-you note
B. have your fraudulent resume committed to memory
C. not be drunk
D. not appear drunk

And if you want to see how their first quiz went, on dating, check
this out. Bottom-line, men are cheap, drunks and cannot be trusted. Duh. But editor David Blend makes it riotous. Rock on, Thrillist.

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