Sunday, October 29, 2006

Next-Generation Gawker

Congratulations to Emily Gould, the new co-editor of Gawker.

To many, this hire of the site's formerly anonymous "Unsolicited" author is an intriguing choice. New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer blog -- led by Jesse Oxfeld, no stranger to the Gawker masthead -- said "[w]e know virtually nothing about Miss Gould, except that she runs a blog called Emily Magazine". Later, he amended his post to link to two pieces she had written for the magazine.

Others quickly followed up, with this Galleycat post cataloguing some of her more recent articles and work in the publishing field. There, this line caught my eye-- "when reached for comment, Gould would only confirm that she wrote "Unsolicited," stressing that she was "under strict orders not to say anything more.""

Hmmm. And Gawker has been mum on the hire itself as well, allowing others to break the news. Anyone willing to bet that there is a feature article in the works that will unveil the new Gawker team in place, which is why they're staying mum? (Wouldn't be a stretch, really.) David Carr at The New York Times, care to comment? New York Magazine? Hello, New York Observer? Jon Friedman of MarketWatch, stay put in your corner.

Going with my gut here on this, though. As I said in my last post on Gawker here, Gawker has gone from 3 years combined experience of its editors in June to, now, two relative newbies (Gould and Alex Balk, who joined in July)-- this would be a good time to reintroduce the site to the marketplace.

Anyway, congrats to Gawker on what looks like a sterling addition.

UPDATE: Looks like I'm fantastically wrong as there is nary a peep from the major papers within the last month.

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