Saturday, August 19, 2006

Chris Anderson, In His Own Words

Here's Chris Anderson, author of "The Long Tail," on page 116 of the book: "The Long Tail is indeed full of crap."

Such an easy line to be taken out of context, really. But here is he talking about -- with so much detrius out there -- how one would struggle with finding subjective quality without filters or aggregators. Why didn't Lee Gomes use this line in one of his two takedowns of the business book?

[Myself, liked Anderson's effort.]

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Errol Smith said...

This week Chris Anderson was interviewed by Jack Trout about the Lee Gomes critique of the Long Tail. What was most interesting was the discussion about the "old school" business heads, and traditional companies who are staring at the pages of the Long tail, wondering why it's a best seller and asking "what the heck do I do with this stuff." As producer of the program, I was a fly on the wall. Though I've read the book, followed the discussions online and read a few of the research papers; I found several good "Ah HA's" in the interview. Here's the link: