Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Another Vice to Bear

I have a terrible confession to make: I am utterly addicted to CBS' "Rock Star: Supernova".

How sad is that? After vowing that I would not watch the show, an "American Idol" for the rock crowd, I was pulled in a number of weeks ago and have not missed an episode since. Really, I don't need another vice right now, I have too many as it is. And here's a more shocking revelation: Thanks to the show's website, I sometimes listen to the performances from the previous show while I work, playing in the background.

My pick was Ryan Star, who was surprisingly eliminated tonight. His haunting take of Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" two weeks back gave me chills, as did his take on the more rock-oriented songs. Check out his MySpace page to see what I'm talking about, he is truly an artist to watch -- a title Billboard has already bestowed upon him -- and has a hypnotic showmanship and charisma.

My God, the previous two paragraphs read like it came from a teenager's blog, ack.

Not that it matters for the remaining contestants. According to one source, Supernova has already chosen a lead singer for their band: Lukas Ross (like the first season's winner, he's also a Canadian). Sigh, and he's the only one of the remaining five that I cannot stand.

I'm now sickened with this post and going to read some Dante. Can we forget I ever posted this, please?

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