Saturday, April 29, 2006

"West Wing" Deserves to Live

Since its premiere in 1999, I've enjoyed "The West Wing" and am extremely saddened that the show is now coming to an end. I believe the show has been re-energized this year and could easily last another 'term' in office, with Jimmy Smits' president-elect Matthew Santos the focus of the show and a new team/ensemble in place. But that's just a pipe dream of mine, we're too far beyond that point now.

And I'm even more stumped on this move, in light of yesterday's announcement that three subpar dramas were being renewed by NBC, the same network that airs "West Wing". "Medium", "Las Vegas" and "Crossing Jordan" are apparently the future of NBC. No wonder they're mired in last place among the "Big 3" broadcast networks.

Looking at NBC's potential dramas for the fall (which are actually not half-bad) and understanding they essentially lose a night of programming on Sundays with NFL programming, I don't understand why they can't come up with an hour of programming. Damn you, NBC-- I want to see how Santos fares. And, given the current chaos that is your threadbare schedule, you have chosen crap over quality.

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typingelbow said...

Did you leave the country for good in protest of West Wing's finale? Or did you go all Natalie Holloway on us?

Helloooo... Tap. Tap. Is this thing on?