Thursday, April 20, 2006

"I'm In Love...With That Song"

One of the joys of getting an iPod recently has been sifting through my CD collection and revisiting albums I haven't heard in a long while.

Such is the case with the works of the Replacements and, in particular, their perfect song "Alex Chilton" from their 1987 allbum Pleased to Meet Me. Remember it? It's such an innocuous song that is an ode to another great band, while -- at the same time -- it's a little pop gem that's perfectly infectous to rock along to in this summer-like weather. There's nothing astounding about Paul Westerberg's lyrics here (although it yielded the above post title), but the song doesn't need to have a profound message. The track is just so breezy.

And that's just one of their many tracks I'm loading up onto my new appendage.

It also looks like it's a great time to rediscover the band. E! Online reports that Westerberg and two other original members of the band have recorded two new tracks for a new compilation due this summer.

Long live the Mats!

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Edward Havens said...

Alex Chilton is a good song, but far from the Mats' best. Satellite, from the All for Nothing/Nothing at All compilation, is the song you should be singing praises for. A true underrated gem.