Saturday, March 11, 2006

Fun With IM, Part 1

Here's a snippet of an IM conversation with a Baltimore-based female friend, who is moving to New York City this weekend...

CHF Digital: How much did you sell the cat for, btw?
Friend: CHRIS!
Friend: that's so wrong
Friend: I love both of my little girls
CHF Digital: Better than your original plan, which involved a burlap sack and a river.
CHF Digital: (I hope your cat is not reading this, btw.)
Friend: OW. [At this point, the cat had clawed her.]
CHF Digital: He/she knows.
Friend: She. She, Chris. See the note above about my little girls
CHF Digital: I thought that might be a eumphamism (sic).
Friend: Oh. Ick.

And people say I'm difficult to communicate with. Who knew?


Sarah said...

I think you're difficult to communicate if you try to spell "euphamism" that way.

Chris said...

Heh, danke.

kabinnyc said...

I'm guessing that this "Friend" also has a penchant for skydiving. yes/no? :)

Chris said...

Shame on you for calling Peter a "she". Geez...I thought I was bad with my razzing of our good friend.