Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Aristotle: "Love is Composed of a Single Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies."

Well it finally happened this past weekend: My sister got married. That's the happy couple above, as they exited the reception and went on to party at the hotel; they're now off to Maui for their honeymoon.

So, here are four memories I have:

  • Walking down the aisle with my sister, and giving her away.

  • After the groom and groomsmen were put in seclusion a half-hour before the wedding in a single, small room, getting my young cousin to get us beers. Added bonus: He also got vodka tonics, the groomsmen's drink of choice. He's going to be a star when he grows up.

  • The limo left the mother-of-the-bride, my mom, at the reception hall. Sigh.

  • Apparently, it's bad luck if a glass or cup is broken on the wedding day. Double sigh.
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    typingelbow said...

    Bad luck for breaking a glass? No way! Besides, it's inevitable when the band is playing Brick House!