Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What Guys Do When They Run Out of Utensils

My oddness further revealed: Even though I have a full set of kitchen utensils, I have been buying plastic forks and spoons for as long as I can remember. No reason especially as to why I have done this, mostly because it's one less thing to clean up in the apartment. Being a bachelor means that no one yells at me for doing such a terribly unsavory thing, thank God.

But what do I do if I run out of said spoons? Do I?:
1) Be the sensible guy, and use a metal soon.
2) Find plastic fork and break off its tongs-- voila, a quasi-spoon!

3) Burn the place down and start a new life somewhere else, where spoons are never in short supply.
Well, such a thing happened this past Sunday, after I woke up after a night of having some fun and craving ice cream (Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup, to be exact). It was none of the above options, actually-- I used a fork to eat half of a small container of ice cream. And it rocked, no apologies.

Ah, bachelor life...


josh said...

sounds normal to me. I have 3 metal spoons and 2 metal forks. Because of my eating habits (oatmeal, ice cream and mac and cheese) I use spoons much more than forks. When I finish my spoons, I move to forks, even with things like chunky soup.

typingelbow said...

Have you thought of investing in some sporks?

Marc Snyder said...

That's it!

The post about "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang" made me want to see it and this one made me shoot beer through my nose. You've got to stop!


Arch Noble said...

I've gotten down to using a knife to eat stuff with.

Newbirth said...

Surfed around, stumbled on your blog.

I hate washing stuff also. I generally lick utensils clean and then set them aside to reuse later (though I do use metal utensils). I use paper plates and those "Rinse and Reuse" bowls. I still have to wash the bowls, but when they get cruddy I just toss them instead of bringing out the scrubber.

I'm single also so no one cares. There's two cats in the house and they don't care how messy I am. :)

Chris said...

I thought I was weird-- this guy above wins, by a long shot.