Tuesday, October 25, 2005

An Ode to Krucoff

As much as I've poked fun at him within the Gawker comments section, Andrew Krucoff is a damn good guy, a hell of a writer and top-notch in the art of research-- there were plenty of times he helped me out of a jam when we were both at Jupiter Research.

So, I was more than a little disheartened to see the news yesterday that he had been let go from Conde Nast. The punishment did not fit the "crime," as I and others believe.

Still -- since it involves Krucff -- there's has to be a twist, in some fashion. Here's Krucoff, as quoted in the October 17 Crain's New York Business:

"A simple rule is to not blog about your job and to not blog during work hours,'' says Andrew Krucoff, the author of blogs YoungManhattanite.com and Blottered.com. As a freelancer for publishing powerhouse Conde Nast, Mr. Krucoff, who had been a frequent contributor to media gossip site Gawker.com, has curtailed his blogging on media topics. "I think people who blog about co-workers should be fired,'' Mr. Krucoff says. "Just use your common sense, for goodness sake.''
As Krucoff has himself said, what sweet, delicious irony.

Still, on the plus side: How many fired freelancers-bloggers get a story written about them the next day in the New York Times?

I have a feeling that, in the end, everything will come up Krucoff. Next beers are on me, bud.

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eb said...

I'll buy him a beer, too, since I suggested him as a good source for the blogger story.