Monday, September 05, 2005

Pauly Shore: "You're taking his TV? What are you? Some cast member of "The Surreal Life"?"

I'm a casual fan of "Entourage" and have found myself enamored with the show this summer (along with "Rock Star: INXS"-- more on that later). Thought last night's show was staisfying, yet also maddening. We have to wait until at least May 2006 to find out what's next with Vince, Eric, Drama Turtle and Ari? Argh.

The show has been doing extremely well, building on the ratings each week. So, I was not surprised to find an article in the today's New York Times, by Hillary De Vries, on one of the key demographics it reaches.

As it says there: "This summer, no show captivated Hollywood's "10 percenters" the way that "Entourage" did, thanks largely to Mr. Piven, whose scene-stealing, motor-mouthed antics have earned him an Emmy nomination while skewing the series' storylines much the way David Spade stole the spotlight on NBC's "Just Shoot Me." Many insiders call it the most accurately nuanced satire of the entertainment industry since the 1992 HBO comedy "The Larry Sanders Show." Mr. Piven's Ari Gold, likewise, is regarded as the most incisive portrait of a big-stakes talent agent since Tom Cruise in "Jerry Maguire.""

You had me up until you said David Spade. While Piven and Spade may both be midgets, that's just cold to equate the two old "PCU" stars like this. One was a shitty NBC comedy (no matter how you looked at it and despite Laura San Giacomo), the other a league above all of the comedies on the air today.

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