Thursday, July 28, 2005

Harry Reid, Former Boxer, Connects With a Right Hook

The more I see of Harry Reid (the senator from Nevada and Senate Democratic leader), the more I like him.

To wit, Reid takes stock on the Senate’s 100th day of legislative business: “In the past 100 days, Republicans found time to confirm right-wing judges, to protect Karl Rove and to take up the business of their special interest friends. But at the same time, they couldn’t spend an extra day supporting our troops or helping families afford health care. It’s a record that reveals how out of touch Republicans have become. There are not many days left on the Senate Calendar, but there is still time for Republicans to stop doing the business of a radical few and to join Democrats in taking up a common-sense reform agenda that works for America’s families.”

He then goes on to list, point by point, what has been "accomplished" during this time.

Beautifully, beautifully positioned.

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