Sunday, June 19, 2005

Why "Hard, Cutting"?

No clue, really.

It's a little because of my sense of humor (which will show up here, I promise-- still trying to find my voice), but it's also a film term.

Via dvspot, a hard cut is "[a]n edit from one shot to another without any sort of transition in-between, such as a dissolve."

Pick either, meh.

1 comment:

Den said...

It's not your porn name? I lost five bucks on that bet...

Or it could be like a school roll call -- "Hard, Cutting" -- meaning your real name is "Cutting Hard" and proving once and for all you are a self-mutlilatinng pubescent girl with self-esteem issues.

Hey, I just lost five bucks on my hopes and dreams for you, give me a break.